About Kinkajou

Established in 2021, Kinkajou started as a Belgian-Egyptian family business. The workshop is located in the heart of Cairo, an environment which inspires to maintain and innovate in sustainable solutions and minimizing waste production. The workshops location makes it possible for creative exchange of ideas and collaborations with local NGO ́s to promote women empowerment.

Kinkajou works together with NGO ́s like LifeVisionForDevelopment for the production of the fabric sewn accessories. For the finishing of the wood, natural beeswax is applied from Nefertari. This to ensure a 100% food safe finish for small children. The workshop also provides a safe work environment for female carpenters to start their careers. Kinkajou aims at being a hub for creativity and empowerment of women in handcrafts such as carpentry.

The raw products are imported and handpicked from certified suppliers to ensure the highest quality and safety. All production and finishing is done in Egypt to support the local communities. Each toy is hand checked to ensure the quality of the end product.