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Ring Toss Game (Large)

Ring Toss Game (Large)

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If you set up a game of Ring Toss in your garden, on the beach or for an outdoor party, you’re likely to bring out the competitive side of everybody. While simple, this game can be difficult to master, so you’ll never know who will win the game. When you go to play Ring Toss divide the group into two teams. The two teams should stand a distance away from the target decided on together based on the skill level of the group. Although there is no specified distance, keep in mind that the further the players stand, the harder it is to play. The winner can be decided on the group that gets the highest score in a round, who gets first to 100, 250 or more points or who gets to a specific score first like 215. You can make your own fun rules to make it challenging!

The toy comes with 6 throwing rings, an allen key and screw to assemble and a bag.


Birch wooden frame, beech wooden rods, jute rope for the rings.

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  • Width: 85 cm
  • Length: 85 cm
  • Height: 15 cm

Care Instructions

Store your toy inside in a dry place after playing with it. Don't leave it exposed to the sun or water if you are not playing with it.
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