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Wooden Peg Dolls

Wooden Peg Dolls

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Playing with wooden peg dolls is an activity that has been enjoyed by children for generations.  It also has many benefits for a child’s development. Playing with wooden dolls encourages creativity and using imagination. It helps develop fine motor skills and promotes social skills.

We are happy to present to you this diverse set of wooden peg dolls. Of which we pride ourselves on using artisanal hand techniques for every single doll. 

The wood for the dolls was sourced responsibly from natural oak and beech trees. All are natural, chemical-free, untreated raw wood. Each piece of wood passed through 6 to 10 different hands to ensure each doll is unique, safe, and beautifully finished. The wood went through the hands of professional woodturners. A type of art that is going to extinction, but Egypt is still blessed with exceptional artists and workshops within the heart of old Cairo. Using their skilled hands, the woodturners turn each piece of wood into a beautifully curved doll. Each doll then moves to the next station, where our small team with extended wood experience, predominantly women, thoroughly sands them to further expose the uniqueness of the wood grain. Wood comes out of trees which are unique living creatures. You will notice that each doll carries the features of the tree it came from. Please note that this means ever doll is unique and different. The size, woodgrain and color of each doll is slightly different and we can't photograph each set. 

The dolls are finished by a waxing. Each doll is curated for two days in a layer of beeswax, a natural material that is food safe. By making the dolls of natural safe wood and then deeply coating them with beeswax, you get a toy that is safe for babies of all ages. 

The dolls come in a fabric bag that was handmade by the ladies of APE Egypt from recycled fabrics. Each bag will be unique just as the dolls. 


Oak and beech wood

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Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. The dolls can be painted as well.
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